Furnace Installation

Furnace installation from Keystone Heating & AC is the smart choice for home and business owners throughout Racine and Kenosha. We provide a variety of products to meet every need and budget including energy-efficient and high-efficiency heaters helping to reduce monthly expenses.

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Rheem Furnace and HVAC Product Lineup

Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

The following indicators will help determine when a new furnace is needed:

Furnace Age
Furnaces typically last between 12–15 years with proper maintenance. If the furnace is 10 years (or older), it has an increased chance of failing.

Frequent Service Calls
A new furnace should be considered if service calls (beyond scheduled maintenance) become excessive.

Increased Energy Costs
Outdated heating systems tend to be less productive. Older furnaces have decreased efficiency and produce higher energy costs.

Uneven Heating
An aging furnace may produce uneven heating within a home. Poor ductwork and old air filters may also produce uneven heating.

3 Benefits of a Modern HVAC System

A new furnace provides optimal benefits an aging heating system cannot match.

A new furnace can provide:

1. Better Efficiency
New HVAC systems are very dependable and provide better efficiency ratings compared to systems utilized two decades prior.

2. Quieter Heating
A new furnace delivers the most quiet operation to date.

3. Peace of Mind
New HVAC technology ensures a furnace will work longer and run with increased energy efficiency. With a Keystone service agreement, annual maintenance helps keep a furnace functioning properly.

Furnace Replacement You Can Count On

From keeping your residence clean throughout the installation process to double-checking that all is in place properly upon completion, you can count on Keystone Heating & AC for your furnace installation needs. Our technicians are licensed and insured, ensuring your furnace installation is done properly.

Call us at 262-554-1080 or request an appointment online to get started. Our professionals will help determine the best furnace for your home or business.