Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pump Maintenance from Keystone Heating & AC

Heat pump maintenance is critical to ensure equipment continues to work efficiently throughout the year. It’s the simplest way to save energy and deter costly, inconvenient service calls. A neglected outdoor heat pump can draw up to 10-25 percent more energy than a properly maintained unit, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Regular heat pump tune-ups also provide system stability. A scheduled maintenance check by a professional can help determine potential issues with the pump before it becomes a more expensive fix. Common issues like frost or perpetual running can be alleviated with scheduled maintenance. Call the Keystone heating and cooling experts at 262-554-1080 to book an appointment.

How Often Should A Heat Pump Be Serviced?

We suggest contacting a technician at least twice a year—once in the fall and once in the spring. When temperatures first fluctuate, it’s the perfect time for heating and cooling service. A heat pump is in operation continuously throughout the year. This can lead to tension or even a breakdown, especially if left without maintenance.

Heat Pump Maintenance List

Here are a few tasks that can be done before a heat pump inspection from Keystone Heating & AC takes place:

Check the outside equipment
The heat pump needs to remain unobstructed. Be sure there’s no clutter resting on or by the unit. There should be about two feet clear around the unit in all directions.

Ensure the outdoor system isn’t dirty
If dirt buildup can be seen, turn the heat pump off and gently spray it with a low pressure hose. Remove dirt in the home by cleaning vents.

Periodically replace the air filter
The air filter keeps air fresh and helps a heat pump operating efficiently. Remember to replace it every several months.

What To Anticipate During A Heat Pump Tune-Up

Here are several tasks Keystone Heating & AC will do during routine maintenance:

1. Carefully examine the system
A range of different parts will be inspected such as ducts, coil, blower, motor, and more.

2. Equipment cleaning
If build-up in the system is detected, the technician will take care of it including cleaning the coils and condensate pan.

3. Examine refrigerant
Refrigerant amounts will be checked and refilled if necessary.

4. Investigate moving components and electrical connections
If issues with internal mechanisms are found, these components will be maintained and lubricated.

When it comes to the effectiveness and dependability of a heat pump, service is crucial. The Keystone Heating & AC team is available when help is needed. Reach us at 262-554-1080 or request an appointment online.