Heat Pump Installation

When the installation of a new heat pump is needed, Keystone Heating & AC is available to assist homeowners throughout Racine and Kenosha. Reach out to us at 262-554-1080 for support in selecting a new heat pump that meets the needs of a home's resources, needs, and energy-efficiency targets.

4 Signs It's Time To Buy a New Heat Pump

It may be time to get a new heat pump if any of the following apply:

1. The Unit Is More Than a Decade Old
HVAC systems and heat pumps have definite lifespans. 10-15 years is the typical lifespan for most heat pumps. If the unit breaks down after it has been in operation for more than 10 years, it’s a wiser financial decision to buy a new heat pump vs. investing in a repair.

2. Home Comfort Is Declining
Eventually, a heat pump will start to decline in effectiveness. If repair efforts have been made, but the temperature of a home remains inadequate, a new heat pump may be needed.

3. The Unit Operates Frequently
Unless the temperature is exceedingly cold, a heat pump shouldn’t work constantly. Cycles are vital in the operation of a heat pump. If these cycles are off, the heat pump may be having issues.

4. Heating and Cooling Costs are Growing
If utility expenses are growing with no discernible explanation, it might be time to seek an HVAC system replacement.

Benefits of Buying a New Heat Pump

Rheem Heat Pump Products

A modern heat pump provides the following benefits:

Boosted energy efficiency
If it's more than 10 years since the heat pump was installed, a new, energy-efficient model should be considered. With SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiently Ratio) improving, a home's energy-efficiency can be enhanced with a new heat pump.

Enhanced home comfort
Any capacity an old heat pump has lost over time will be returned by installing a new HVAC system.

More control
Smart thermostats or accessories, like an air purifier, can help control the temperature of a home. It’s all possible when a new HVAC system is purchased.

Give our heating and cooling professionals a call at 262-554-1080! With budget and the needs of a specific home in mind, we will help select the proper heat pump required.