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Unlike cooling systems, the outdoor unit on heat pumps don’t get to rest when the temperatures cool. A heat pump operates all year to keep a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This continual operation may lead to repairs.

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5 Indications a Heat Pump Needs to be Repaired

Provided are common signs something is wrong with a heat pump:

1. Heat Pump Coated in Ice
During the winter, the outdoor unit may have a bit of ice development. When this occurs, the equipment should shift into a defrost cycle and reverse the refrigerant to melt the ice. If the entire unit is covered in ice and does not defrost, this indicates service from a professional is needed.

2. Heat Pump is Short Cycling
Short cycling means the heat pump turns on and turns off before its had the opportunity to bring a space to the set temperature. This is a signal that the heat pump is not sized properly for the space and can lead to excessive wear.

3. Energy Costs are Rising
If the heat pump system is being regularly maintained, but energy bills continue to increase, it’s time to contact Keystone Heating & AC for service.

4. Heat Pump is Noisy
A heat pump will not be silent, but it also shouldn’t be excessively noisy. If a heat pump is making irregular noises, an HVAC technician should look it over.

5. Heating or Cooling Appears Weaker
If temperature settings are being adjusted constantly and nothing seems to work, Keystone Heating & AC can help correct most related heat pump issues.

Common Causes of Heat Pump Problems

There are various factors that can cause trouble for a heat pump system. Here are the most common issues:

Lack of Service
A heat pump should have an HVAC professional inspect it twice a year to help the system run properly. Without maintenance, the chances for heat pump failure increase.

Blocked Filter
The air filter should be changed regularly to keep a heat pump operating proficiently. A dirty air filter will lead to labored heat pump operation which, in turn, can lead to damage and needed repairs.

Component Failure
A heat pump uses a number of components - both moving and stationary. When these components fail, the heat pump may be inoperable without a fix.

Thermostat Issues
A thermostat is a precise instrument – one that is failing may effect the operation of a heat pump.

Should I Fix or Change My Heat Pump?

Provided are details to help determine if it is better to fix a heat pump, or replace it:

The unit is less than 10 years old
If the heat pump system is still fairly new, a repair is the best option. However, if the heat pump is getting older, a new model might make more financial sense.

The heat pump has had very few repairs
If a heat pump repair is a relatively uncommon occurrence, service may be the best choice. If the system has been repaired extensively, it's time to think about a replacement.

The fix is low-cost
If an HVAC specialist can take care of the issue fast and the price is relatively low, repair is the best option. However, if the repair is costly - like exchanging the heat pump’s compressor - it’s better to invest in a new heat pump.

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