Premier Commercial Refrigeration Services

Southeastern, WI Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Services

Looking for expert commercial refrigeration in southeastern Wisconsin? Look no further! Building on our strong foundation in residential HVAC services, Keystone Heating & AC is excited to extend our expertise to the commercial refrigeration sector. Recognizing the distinct needs of the commercial sector throughout southeast Wisconsin, we are proud to offer energy-efficient refrigeration installation and maintenance services.

Refrigeration Solutions For Diverse Businesses

Restaurants and Bars
For restaurants and taverns, effective refrigeration is crucial. We provide timely, experienced refrigeration installation and maintenance services to keep food and beverages perfectly preserved, ensuring patrons enjoy exceptional dining experiences.

Healthcare Facilities
Understanding the critical role of refrigeration in healthcare, we deliver specialized systems for Wisconsin area hospitals and clinics, guaranteeing safe storage of medical supplies.

Educational Institutions
For schools and colleges in Wisconsin, we offer reliable refrigeration solutions for cafeteria services, supporting the health and nutrition of students and staff.

Hotels and Hospitality
Our refrigeration solutions for hotels and catering services in southern Wisconsin are designed to blend efficiency with performance, upholding the high standards of guest services.

Commercial Walk-In Cooler

Keystone's Comprehensive Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Services.

At Keystone Heating & AC, we extend our expertise beyond traditional refrigeration systems to include a full range of commercial refrigeration equipment. Whether you're in the food service industry or manage a healthcare facility, our skilled technicians are equipped to service and maintain a variety of essential refrigeration appliances.

Specialized Equipment Services Include:

Ice Machines: Essential for restaurants, bars, and healthcare facilities, ensuring a constant supply of ice.

Walk-In Coolers and Freezers: Custom solutions for large-scale food storage needs.

Prep Tables: Crucial for the efficiency of restaurant kitchens, keeping ingredients fresh and accessible.

Reach-In Coolers and Freezers: Versatile refrigeration options for various businesses, providing easy access and efficient storage.

Our goal is to ensure your business thrives year-round, even during the slower seasons. With Keystone Heating & AC, you areĀ guaranteed energy-efficient, reliable refrigeration solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Why Partner With Us?

Whether you're just getting started or an established business looking to upgrade your refrigeration systems, Keystone Heating & AC is an ideal, local partner.

Our primary service area is Racine and itsĀ surrounding communities, but we are available for commercial refrigeration services just about anywhere in southeastern Wisconsin. We are equipped to extend our services to neighboring towns, adapting to the scale and needs of your business. We prioritize reliability, energy efficiency, customization, and after-sale service, ensuring the refrigeration needs of your business run seamlessly and efficiently.

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Keystone is a community-oriented, local business providing refrigeration equipment boasting quality, durability, and sustainability. Explore how our commercial refrigeration services can elevate your business. Contact us for a personalized consultation and step into a world of worry-free commercial refrigeration services.