Mini-Split Systems

Individualized HVAC units may be needed for specific spaces in a residence, such as a garage or sunroom, that do not have ductwork. A mini-split system from Keystone Heating & AC can be used to quietly heat and cool spaces such as these.

A ductless mini-split air conditioner is a good enhancement compared to a window air conditioning unit, since it’s more productive and far safer. Its indoor wall-mounted fittings connect with outdoor equipment through a small space within a wall without worry of burglar or pest entry.

Give our heating and cooling specialists a call at 262-554-1080, and we’ll help identify the appropriate mini-split system for any space within a home. Keep in mind, some mini-split heat pumps are eligible for ENERGY STAR®, delivering smart heating and cooling that’s easy on a budget.

Rheem Mini-Spit and HVAC Equipment

4 Advantages of Mini-Split Systems

Mini-splits offer numerous benefits, including:

Cost-effective comfort
Mini-splits are one of the most cost-effective means to heat and cool a home.

Heat & cool garages and additions
Mini-splits are an excellent way to add heated or cooled air to spaces without ductwork needed by conventional HVAC systems.

Protected, whisper-quiet operation
Window air conditioners are noisy and aren’t safe. They can make a home more susceptible to trespassers, pests, and weather. Mini-splits supply soft warmth or cooled air while keeping a home secure.

Temperature zoning
One outside mini-split system can power a number of interior units, enabling rooms to have varying temperatures.

Get Effective Heating and Cooling with a Mini-Split System

Contact us at 262-554-1080 or message us online to learn how a mini-split system can help heat and cool difficult spaces within a Racine or Kenosha residence.