A home ventilation system from Keystone Heating & AC can fix the stuffiness within a home by replacing heavy, enclosed air with fresh exterior air. Our professionals can help find the right exhaust ventilation system for any home. Give us a call at 262-554-1080 to get started.

Does Your Home Need More Air Circulation?

There are a number of indicators that more air movement is needed within a home:

Scents Do Not Leave
Ventilation may be needed if strong odors, like frying smells or cigarette smoke, are not leaving the home.

Heavy Air
A home's air should be refreshing, not musty.

Extreme Amount of Dust
While a little dust is inevitable, space lacking in airflow may have a larger amount of dust.

5 Benefits of a Ventilation System

1. Enhances most HVAC equipment
2. Provides fresh air without opening windows
3. Helps reduce dust
4. Removes unpleasant smells
5. Can boost the freshness of a home's air

What Ventilation System is Right for Your House?

AprilAire Energy Recovery Ventilator

There are two ventilation systems - heat recovery ventilation (HRV) and energy recovery ventilation (ERV). The system a home requires depends on regional climate. Homes within Racine and Kenosha typically would benefit from heat recovery ventilation.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

  • Best for cold climates
  • Removes indoor air from a house and exchanges it with fresh air from the outdoors
  • Maintains warmth

Energy Recovery Ventilation

  • Best for warm or humid parts of the country
  • Sends heat and excess moisture outside
  • Levels out humidity

Get Fresher Air with Improved Home Ventilation

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