Air Handlers

Rheem Air Handler Products

Air handlers can be paired with a heat pump or air conditioner to regularly filter and diffuse conditioned air. This continual circulation helps the air quality within a home by reducing dust and humidity, especially during the summer.

Continuous operation of an air handler may seem like it expends a lot of energy, but these innovative fittings can actually decrease energy costs. A few models have convertible-speed technology, which provides consistent temperatures while using reduced electricity. Energy savings can be enhanced further by pairing an air handler with a smart thermostat. These smart devices learn a household's routine and automatically adjust airflow to help save money.

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4 Benefits of a New Air Handler

A new air handler comes with many advantages, including:

1. Energy Efficiency
Select air handlers have variable-speed capacity to use a reduced amount of energy compared to prior one-stage units.

2. Upgraded Reliability
A new air handler will deliver enhanced heating and cooling benefits for years to come.

3. Quieter Environment
Today’s air handlers include state-of-the-art technology that make them much quieter while in operation.

4. Superior Filtration
Updated equipment often has two filters, which provide fresher air within a home.

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